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Yoga for the Core

Yoga for the Core

These Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga short sequences will empower you to feel the core strength that supports you in everything you do.

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Yoga for the Core
  • Soma-Kinetic Sequences for Your Power Center - Core Work with Erhard Rohrmuller

    Stomach crunches take a Soma-Kinetic spin as Erhard Rohrmuller shares a fun and challenging sequence of movements to power up your core. Find a comfortable place on the floor, and get ready to work in a playful way.

  • How to Get an Erect Spine - Simple and Powerful Yoga Movements with Sherry Zak Morris

    Let's work on the muscles that keep your spine straight and erect. Here is a mini anatomy lesson that will make lots of sense! Now, every time you do the popular Yoga cat/cow pose... you will understand its powerful benefit!

  • Two Gentle Back Stretches and a Bonus Tip for Life with Sherry Zak Morris

    We've heard the analogy that the spine is like the circuit board of our bodies. Everything connects into it. That's why we need to keep it strong, flexible and lubricated. Try these two sequences for a healthy back... and you get a FREE bonus tip for life at the end!

  • Strengthen your Core without doing Sit-ups with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

    We all know the benefits of a strong core ... less back pain, better pelvic floor health and improved posture. But who likes those sit-ups? If you are still doing those sit-ups from Elementary school... those days are gone!! Yipee!Strengthen your Core without doing Sit-ups with Sherry Zak Morris...

  • Strengthen and Stabilize your Low Back with Justine Shelton

    Multitasking in Yoga?! This version of Rolling Bridge will not only strengthen and stabilize your lower back by strengthening the intrinsic muscles near the spine as well as the front AND back of the core muscles, but the arm adaptation will massage the thoracic spine between the shoulder blades....