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(30-Min) Isometric and Isotonic Exercises for Stronger Muscles - Chair Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris

Vintage Chair Yoga Classes (2013-2015) • 35m

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    The Anatomy of Aging of our Structure shows us that we can continue to be strong in our muscles, bones and joints as we age as long as we work on strengthening them. Do you know that reports say that the average 80-yr old cannot lift 10 lbs. So let's get strong together!

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    Want more strength and stamina? We can only get them if we practice! Let's Do it together! Do what you can and build up to it slow and easy!

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    I was inspired by so many of my students who have recuperated well from knee replacement surgery. But, the work continues after surgery to keep the knees strong. This class is for everyone who wants stronger knees.