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(1 Hr) Chair Yoga for Strength and Stamina with Sherry Zak Morris

Vintage Chair Yoga Classes (2013-2015) • 58m

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  • (40-min) For your Knees - Chair Yoga ...

    I was inspired by so many of my students who have recuperated well from knee replacement surgery. But, the work continues after surgery to keep the knees strong. This class is for everyone who wants stronger knees.

  • (1 Hr) Working the Legs & Glutes Chai...

    One of the muscles that weakens with age is our glutes. The big butt muscles and the glutes on the side of the hips. We need those to balance, stand and walk. They only get stronger when we work them! Let's do it!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga for Shoulder Health...

    When we get stuck in our movement ruts, our bodies start to lose its range of motion. The shoulder joint has lots of mobility that keeps us reaching, grabbing and carrying. Take good care of yourself as you explore those tight areas.