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(30-Min) Full Body Stretch to do Every Day! The Flamingo with Sherry Zak Morris

Tech Worker: Gentle Yoga Series • 34m

Up Next in Tech Worker: Gentle Yoga Series

  • (30-Min) Feeling the Heat with Sun Sa...

    Moving the larger muscles of our bodies uses more energy and thus increases our metabolism. And when we are sitting at the desk, we are mostly using our smaller muscles and getting very little cardio-vascular benefit. This sequence is a great antidote for sitting. Enjoy the flow of the Sun Salu...

  • (30-Min) Release Tight Hamstrings wit...

    Sitting at the desk for too long shortens and contracts some of your most important functional muscles in your low back and legs. Find out how good it feels to stand, stretch and lengthen those areas that seem tight and rigid. Breathe and flow!