Tech Worker: Chair Yoga Series

Tech Worker: Chair Yoga Series

These videos target the areas where we store up tension and stress from hours and hours of sitting at our desks. Do one during your break time and come back refreshed and ready to tackle your work again!

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Tech Worker: Chair Yoga Series
  • (30-min) Chair Yoga Class to Get you Aligned with Sherry Zak Morris

    Stand up and Stretch. In Yoga we call this "Axial Extension" when your spine is tall and straight and your posture is strong and solid. This class will focus on getting you into a place of comfort in your posture, whether seated or standing. Be at ease, find your comfort.

  • (30-Min) Tech Worker: Open up the Upper Body! with Sherry Zak Morris

    Moving into tight spaces and releasing tension cannot be done in seconds. So, take some time to stretch, breathe and release those tight areas in our neck and shoulders. This class takes you into a full range of motion for your upper body so that you feel more flexible and energized!

  • (30-Min) Tech Worker: Get Things Moving Again! with Sherry Zak Morris

    Sitting for long periods of time locks in muscles and joints and thus we can feel stiff when we finally stand up and move! This class with get into all those spots that are frozen in place when we sit for long periods of time. You will feel better right away!

  • (30-Min) Tech Worker: Bring Mobility to Your Back with Sherry Zak Morris

    Why is low back pain one of the most common complaints for deskworkers? Perhaps it is the way we sit for long periods of time that compresses our lumbar vertebrae. Perhaps it is because we don't bend safely or move the spine as often as we should. No matter the reason, this class will move your s...

  • (30-Min) Stretch Your Way Into Freedom with a Belt with Sherry Zak Morris

    Grab a belt and let's open up. This Yoga class includes stretches for the arms and shoulders, as well as the legs and hips using a Yoga belt. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of time and a few long deep breaths to open up some space in our bodies. Freedom to move without pain is our birthri...

  • (20-Min) Breathing and Meditation to Feel Calmer! with Sherry Zak Morris

    If you need to slow things down and hit the pause button on your busy day.. then this 20 minute breathing and meditation break just might do the trick. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and just listen, breathe and be.

  • (30-Min) Multi-Directional Movements with Sherry Zak Morris

    Sitting and working at your desk is a linear body position. Let's mix it up with some multi-directional and fun movements!

  • (30-Min) Find & Release Trigger Points in the Neck with Sherry Zak Morris

    Those tight, sensitive knots in your neck and shoulders can limit your range of motion and cause you pain. Once you tune into them, you will find you can release those knots slowly and gently so you feel better. Keep a close eye on this knotting sensation so they don't get worse and worse. Self-c...

  • (30-min) Sitting Too Much? Stretch with Smita Vyas

    Smita is from Santiago, Chile and is a Yoga Vista Academy Corporate Yoga Teacher Graduate! She proves that no matter what age we are... we all can use a great Stretch Break! if we are sitting too long!