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(10-min) The Energy of Rising: Short Springtime Practice with Sherry

Shorter Gentle Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr) • 10m

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  • (15-min) Challenge and Improve your B...

    This is the first of a series of short Gentle Yoga practices filmed in my husband's Man Cave. I thought I would switch up the Yoga "set" because Yoga can be done in ANY room of your home. This class will challenge you, but for only 15 minutes. Enjoy!

  • (25-min) Strength for the Journey Ahe...

    This practice is short, strong but gentle. It calls upon our inner strength and helps build up our energy reserves for what lies ahead of us. May you find solace on your Yoga mat during all the hills and valleys of your journey.

  • (40-min) Joint Juice - Gentle Yoga Th...

    Justine shares this short practice to lubricate the joints so that you can move gently and freely in life. Oiling the Tinman!