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(20-Min) Balance and Strength for Sturdy Legs with Sherry Zak Morris

Shorter Gentle Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr) • 23m

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  • (20-Min) Strong and Straight for Bone...

    In this first of the Strong and Sturdy Video series we focus on alignment and holding poses longer. Remember to pace yourself. The more often you practice, the better you will feel. Remember, it works if you do the work!

  • (10-Min) Gentle Lunge Series with Cha...

    Lunges help to open the front of our bodies but can be hard on the knees. But there are so useful to bring into your Yoga practice. So, grab a Mat or Chair, and let's go.

  • (10-Min) Gentle Yoga Triple Warrior S...

    Warrior poses build strength and stability to our structure. I modified them to be gentle but strong. You can even hold them longer as you begin to build up strength.