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(15-min) Power Up Your Practice: Root Chakra Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

Shorter Gentle Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr) • 15m

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  • (18-min) Find your Powerful Flow - Sa...

    The sacral chakra is about fluidity and creativity. So along with some great flowing sequences, I add in some combo balance and flow challenges to get more oomph out of this short practice.

  • (30-min) Losing Your Balance to Find ...

    Practicing feeling off balance helps to re-educate your body to more quickly react to unsteady movements without having to think about how to do it. The ability to "right ourselves" when we stumble or trip takes proprioception. (Def. the sense of knowing where your body is in space).

  • (40-min) A Salute to Balance Yoga The...

    Join Justine for a short practice aimed at improving balance - both steadiness in relation to gravity, but also balance between each side of the body. This series is aimed at strengthening our bones as well as our muscles and improving joint health. Hoping you enjoy the practice!