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Watch this video and more on

Watch this video and more on

(15 min) Sequences for Oiling the Joints with Sherry Zak Morris

Shorter Chair Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr) • 14m

Up Next in Shorter Chair Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr)

  • (30-min) Chair Yoga Class to Get you ...

    Stand up and Stretch. In Yoga we call this "Axial Extension" when your spine is tall and straight and your posture is strong and solid. This class will focus on getting you into a place of comfort in your posture, whether seated or standing. Be at ease, find your comfort.

  • (30-Min) Tech Worker: Open up the Upp...

    Moving into tight spaces and releasing tension cannot be done in seconds. So, take some time to stretch, breathe and release those tight areas in our neck and shoulders. This class takes you into a full range of motion for your upper body so that you feel more flexible and energized!

  • (30-Min) Tech Worker: Get Things Movi...

    Sitting for long periods of time locks in muscles and joints and thus we can feel stiff when we finally stand up and move! This class with get into all those spots that are frozen in place when we sit for long periods of time. You will feel better right away!