LIVE! Senior Chair Yoga with Paula Montalvo

LIVE! Senior Chair Yoga with Paula Montalvo

Enjoy three 30-minute Classes! Paula’s encouraging Yoga teaching style makes Chair Yoga accessible to almost everyone, especially Seniors! She designs each class to ensure her Senior Citizens get the most out of their Yoga practice by offering both slow and easy sequences, as well as some challenging options for confidence-building. As a Senior Citizen herself, she knows the issues, needs and concerns of Seniors who want to feel better and maintain their independence as long as possible.

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LIVE! Senior Chair Yoga with Paula Montalvo

3 Videos

  • (1 Hr) Lotus Live Chair Yoga Class with Paula Montalvo

    Enjoy moving, twisting, bending and balancing with Paula. Paula leads a roomful of senior citizens in this well-rounded class that will work your body from head to toe.

  • (30 min) Sunny Chair Yoga Class for Seniors with Paula Montalvo

    Pull up your chair and enjoy a front row seat along with other seniors as they move, bend, stretch and breathe together. Filmed at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California where seniors meet each week to socialize, get healthy and get moving, this video offers up lots of upper body movements ev...

  • (1 Hr) Purple Passion Chair Yoga Class with Paula Montalvo

    Paula leads this stimulating Chair Yoga class to awaken your mind and body connection. Enjoy Eagle pose, Hip Openers and Standing sequences to improve your balance. Paula has something new to offer in every one of her classes.