Better Balance with Paula Montalvo

Better Balance with Paula Montalvo

Paula’s encouraging Yoga teaching style makes Chair Yoga accessible to almost everyone, especially Seniors! She designs each class to ensure her Senior Citizens get the most out of their Yoga practice by offering both slow and easy sequences, as well as some challenging options for confidence-building. As a Senior Citizen herself, she knows the issues, needs and concerns of Seniors who want to feel better and maintain their independence as long as possible.

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Better Balance with Paula Montalvo

3 Videos

  • (30-Min) Better Balance Class 1 with Paula Montalvo

    This class offers up alot of unusual balancing movements to help hone your balancing skills. Be prepared to hold on or let go. Have fun and every time you do these movements, you will get better!

  • Better Balance: Group Practice Ideas

    Paula gets creative and gets everyone up off their chairs and creates some fun obstacle courses! This is a great segment for Yoga Teachers to use in their classes or Senior Yoga Workshops.

  • (30-Min) Better Balance Class 2 with Paula Montalvo

    Paula offers up a large selection of fun and unique movements to challenge our balance. Starting with posture enhancing movements and adding in lots of standing sequences. you will feel stronger and taller after this class.