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    YogaJPTV is a ever-expanding video library of Gentle, Senior, Chair and Somatic Yoga classes (and Chair Yoga Dances!) that are great for all ages! These easy, safe, accessible and FUN classes will keep you motivated to keep moving and feeling good. Practice with us as often as you want. Pace you...

  • Hometown Yoga Series with Sherry Zak Morris

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    Join me in this Standing Yoga Series recorded in my hometown in Northeast Ohio in the Autumn. In each of these 20-minute practices, we will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and posture. These are shorter practices, but they pack in lots of challenge should you want it, or take it easy if y...

  • Strong Bones for Midlifers with Shery Zak Morris

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    If you are between the ages of 50 and 75, it's time to get serious about your bone health! In this 4-part Yoga Series, I share 15 minute short (but impactful) practices targeted at the specific places where bone density and bone strength is needed the most. Great for beginners as I demonstrate ho...

  • Strong and Sturdy Series with Sherry Zak Morris

    6 videos  |  Buy $59

    If you have trouble with your balance, if you have had a stumble or fall, or if you feel your legs are not as strong as you would like them to be... this Series is for you. This series and we will focus on Balancing, Standing, Holding and Strengthening Poses using different props and methods in e...

  • 20-min "Inner Lift" Yoga Practice for Pelvic Floor

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    An easy Yoga Practice to counteract gravity and keep your pelvic floor strong and resilient. If you are experiencing incontinence or weak bladder control, then the time is now to tune in and tone up your pelvic floor muscles. In this short, but easy Yoga practice, you will learn movements and str...

  • Tune in! Tone up! Pelvic Floor Yoga Program Series

    8 videos  |  Buy $59

    A Comprehensive Yoga Educational Program for strengthening the Pelvic Floor and Bladder Re-training. If you have experienced episodes of involuntary urination, leakage or dribbling... this information is for YOU! Learn why this happens, and most importantly, what YOU can do to improve and remedy...

  • Best of 2018! Energizing Chair Yoga LIVE w/Sherry

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    Enjoy these "Most Popular of 2018" Chair Yoga LIVE classes with Sherry.

    Viewers voted these 9 classes the most watched on YogaJP.TV. Never get bored! These easy-to-follow Chair Yoga classes are accessible to almost everyone. Each class includes seated and standing Yoga poses to help you reap the...

  • Deluxe 2 - Energizing Chair Yoga LIVE! 9-class Series - with Sherry Zak Morris

    11 videos  |  Buy $30

    Ready to Dance? This Collection contains 1-2 Chair Yoga dances in every class! Ready to spice up your Chair Yoga practice with some new movements? This Deluxe Series contains 9 Chair Yoga Classes ranging from 30, 45 to 60 minutes to meet your time and energy levels. Every class offers different...

  • Deluxe 1 - Energizing Chair Yoga LIVE! 9-class Series - with Sherry Zak Morris

    9 videos  |  Buy $30

    Sherry leads these easy-to-follow Chair Yoga classes that are accessible to almost everyone. Each class includes seated and standing yoga poses to help you reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this Gentle Chair Yoga practice. Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minutes Chair Yoga Practices th...

  • Trio 2 - Energizing Chair Yoga LIVE! 3 Class Set - with Sherry Zak Morris

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    Enjoy 3 full Energizing Chair Yoga classes to help you build strength, stamina and increase your flexibility. Every class has both seated and standing poses, and many have Chair Yoga Dances. Chose one, some or do them all! Let's get moving and feeling good together!

  • (1 Hr) Working on our Core, Posture & Pelvic Floor with Sherry Zak Morris

    1 video  |  Buy $10

    The health of our core is not about doing sit-ups or Pilates 100's. It really has to do with how we hold ourselves in every day life. Learn why coughing helps us tune into our core, and lots more reasons to work on our core strength. Includes two Chair Yoga Dances: Take it Easy and Everything He...

  • 1 Hr Oh My 10 Dances! All Dancing Chair Yoga Class

    1 video  |  Buy $14.95

    We were all full of excitement as we gathered together for our last Chair Yoga Dance Class of the calendar year. We were having so much fun that we clocked in 10 dances! Join in and see why Dancing is good for the body and the spirit!

  • (1 Hr) Fluid and Strong ALL Chair Yoga Dance Class with Sherry Zak Morris

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    "All Chair Yoga Dance" class where we just have fun moving, swaying and lip synching the words of sentimental and inspirational songs. This one hour class offers up 7 seated and standing dances. Enjoy!

  • (1 Hr) Simple Things to Make You and Your Body "Troll" Happy! Energizing Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

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    Taking a lesson from a kids movie, we learn the secret to feeling good and feeling happy. Explore why simple things can bring a smile to your face and a skip in your step. Let's get moving together! Contains our Most Popular Chair Yoga Dance: Can't Stop the Feeling!

  • (1 Hr) Energizing Chair Yoga to Infuse Pep Into Your Day! With Sherry Zak Morris

    1 video  |  Buy $5

    Join a roomful of Chair Yoga enthusiasts who come to fill up their energy tanks every week at the Yoga Vista Studio. Led by Chair Yoga Teacher, Sherry Zak Morris, who specializes in Actively Aging... this class will get you full of energy to run your errands, clean your house or play with your g...

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class: Banishing Back Pain Naturally with Sherry Zak Morris

    1 video  |  Buy $5

    This class is dedicated to getting rid of your back pain.. the natural way! Learn why stretching, breathing and letting go of specific emotions will help ease your pain. And a warm welcome to Debbie and Jamie! How wonderful to have them join in our noon class and have some fun with us at Yoga V...

  • (30-min) Actively Aging with Energizing Chair Yoga - Seniors get Moving with Sherry Zak Morris

    1 video  |  Buy $5

    Our Number One Most Viewed Video on YouTube! Led by Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist, our Chair Yoga Class at the Yoga Vista Studio brings seniors together every week to help them stay healthy, confident and independent. Here's 30 minutes of our one hour class that incorporates warm-up...

  • Vibrant Aging Yoga – Chair Yoga with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken

    2 videos  |  Buy $24.95

    Back by Popular Demand! YouTube Sensation Tatis creates 2 New Chair Yoga Classes!

    Feel Strong, Feel Vibrant and Feel your Best with Chair Yoga!

    If you like a little challenge and creative play with your Yoga, then get ready to have some fun while you get your body moving. In this DVD, Tatis...

  • Lively Chair Yoga with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken

    1 video  |  Buy $15

    Take back your Strength, Flexibility and Well-being with Chair Yoga!

    It's time to Move! Every Chair Yoga Class with Tatis has a special blend of creativity and playfulness that makes  her style of Chair Yoga a global YouTube sensation! Tatis offers up unique movement patterns to:

    * Stimulat...

  • Gentle Chair Yoga - Seated Series wit Paula Montalvo

    1 video  |  Rent $1.99  |  Buy $10

    If you’ve never done yoga before, if you think you are too old, too stiff, or not strong enough, the Gentle Chair Yoga Seated Series is the perfect way for you to obtain yoga’s great health benefits. You won’t need to get down on the floor. All the stretches can be done sitting in your chair. Do ...

  • Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back with Justine Shelton

    1 video  |  Buy $15

    Low back pain, tightness and discomfort can stop you from enjoying your everyday activities. Arthritis, spinal misalignment and intervertebral disc issues are common as we age, and a daily yoga practice can keep your low back flexible and comfortable so you can continue doing the things you love!...

  • Yoga with Justine!- Aloha LIVE! Gentle Yoga Therapy

    6 videos  |  Rent $5.99  |  Buy $35

    This 6-class Yoga series is a collection of JustineShelton's popular Yoga with Justine Gentle Yoga and Healthy Back classes filmed at the Yoga Vista Studio. Each class contains foundational elements and modifications for keeping your spine and joints safe, strong and mobile.

  • Exploring the Temple: Our Bodies Uncovered - Anatomy Series with Sherry and Justine

    16 videos  |  Buy $39

    Join us on an exploration into our bodies from a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist's perspective. In each video we will discuss a particular topic area, our ah-ha's, our awe and our personal perspectives. And don't worry... we won't show or discuss anything that is gory or gruesome (which nothing w...