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Latin Dances

Latin Dances

Join in these Gentle Latin Dance classes choreographed and led by Alessandra Colfi, PhD in Expressive Arts. These classes were specifically designed for people with physical limitations and those going through cancer recovery. Joy helps with healing! Feel your joyful spirit again!

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Latin Dances
  • Beating Cancer with Dancing! "Crazy Love" Zumba with Alessandra Colfi

    Dance to the beat of this lively song choreographed by Alessandra Colfi, Expressive Arts Therapist. Recorded live and shared with the world as part of our passion for beating cancer through our Cancer Recovery Programs offered at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California.

  • Get Moving with Zumba! It's All About the Bass! with Alessandra Colfi, PhD

    Bring a smile to your face and your body and Get Moving! Zumba is not only good for your body, but it is good for the soul. Forget your worries and cares... just get up and MOVE!

  • Ella Ella Mesmerizing Zumba® choreography with Alessandra Colfi

    Join in this fun and mesmerizing Zumba® dance for Cancer Recovery and Prevention. Expressive Artist Therapist, Alessandra Colfi, PhD leads this expressive dance sequence designed especially for anyone undergoing cancer treatment and recovery. Playful, uplifting music is combined with gentle but ...

  • Zumba to Feel Your Heartbeat! with Alessandra Colfi

    Ready to warm-up and feel your heart beat!? Enjoy this gentle Zumba dance choreographed by Alessandra for our Cancer Recovery students at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California. Everyone can benefit from some heartfelt music, smiling and dancing! Enjoy!

  • Dance to the Jamaican beat! Zumba with Alessandra Colfi

    Dance to the Jamaican beat! Alessandra leads this lively and sensual Zumba dance at the Yoga Vista Studio where we offer weekly Zumba classes for Cancer Recovery. Bring the joy into your being with the beautiful energy of dance, breath and life!