Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

These full-length classes are a special blend of challenge and inward focus as you ask your body to explore new movements. Make sure to not compete with yourself, but move with wisdom and safety in mind. But... just give them a try!

"I think I am doing enough with my ditty little chair/standing stuff and realize now my aging body needs more ... hence - gotta do it to see the benefits - oh my - what a novel thought. " A Chair Yoga Teacher says!

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Hatha Yoga Classes
  • (15-min) Power Up Your Practice: Root Chakra Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    The root chakra is the energy center of our feeling of belonging, stability, strength and structure. Set an intention to dedicate this class to your tribe - whether it be your family, your friends, colleagues or community. And take a moment of honor for your ancestors... their DNA is flowing th...

  • (18-min) Find your Powerful Flow - Sacral Chakra Practice with Sherry Zak Morris

    The sacral chakra is about fluidity and creativity. So along with some great flowing sequences, I add in some combo balance and flow challenges to get more oomph out of this short practice.

  • (1 Hr) Yoga Mayhem LIVE! A Hatha Vinyasa Flow with Jess

    You never know what you might be doing in a class led by Vinyasa Flow teacher, Jessica B, at the Yoga Vista studio. From "flip your dog" to "twisted threaded needle" enjoy this fun, creative and inspiring class. And watch out for the Mayhem that sneaks in along the way!

  • (30-Min) Hatha Yoga Flow to Help You through your Grieving with Jen Monroe

    Grieving is part of our human journey, but when we are in the midst of it, we can feel thick, slow and stuck. Yoga Teacher, Jennifer Monroe, leads you through a very personal moving journey with your grief, allowing you to feel it and accepts its range of sensations and emotions. Take 30 minutes...

  • (1 Hr) Hatha Flow! Feeling Strong and Happy with Mary Baker, E-RYT500

    There is no grimacing in Yoga when you take a class with Mary Baker! Mary's poise and grace will inspire you to take your practice up a notch should you want to go there today, or to take a respite in a calming Child's pose along the way. Your choice today!