Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes

Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes

These classes are all done on the floor on a Yoga mat. In that way, you can move freely to feel full body stretches from head to toe. From strength, balance to flexibility and flow... these classes are a little of each in every class.

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Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes
  • Yoga for Strength & Flexibility with Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

    This 20-minute practice is a great way to start the morning! Set your intention for a NEW day and come join me as we work on strengthening our entire body while still keeping ourselves fluid and flexible.

  • (1 Hr) Gentle Hatha Yoga Class for Asymmetry with Saffron Murray in Ireland

    The theme of this class is "Asymmetry" and how Yoga can be used to balance both sides of our bodies in a gentle way. Grab a mat, bring your smile and join Saffron, a recent graduate of the Yoga Vista Academy Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program.

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  • (1 Hr) Evening Glow Hatha Yoga with Alejandro Ramirez

    A great way to wind down your busy day with this one-hour Hatha Yoga class. You will find yourself being mesmerized by Alejandro's calming and soothing voice while he leads your body through movements that will release your daily tension and relax you for a good night's sleep. Ending with a narra...

  • (1 Hr) Gentle Somatic Yoga with Ann Melin

    Enjoy this one-hour Gentle Somatic Yoga Class led by the gifted Ann Melin who guides you through slow, introspective, releasing movements to unlock stress and tension. Keep your eyes closed as you listen to Ann's gentle guidance to explore the sensations and feelings in your body. There is no ri...