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  • (20-min) Sound Healing Svasana with Bob Grimmick

    Bob Grimmick is a highly trained Sound Healing teacher and he brought his collection of sound instruments to give us a blissful and restful Svasana. Turn the lights down low and enjoy your Svasana time while you experience the healing affects of these singing instruments.

  • Tune in! Tone up! Pelvic Floor Yoga Program Series

    8 videos

    A Comprehensive Yoga Educational Program for strengthening the Pelvic Floor and Bladder Re-training. If you have experienced episodes of involuntary urination, leakage or dribbling... this information is for YOU! Learn why this happens, and most importantly, what YOU can do to improve and remedy...

  • (1 Hr) Aloha Gentle Yoga Therapy for the Low Back with Justine Shelton

    Justine guides you through gentle movements that will help you unlock tightness in your low back. Sometimes low back pain can be caused by tight muscles in your hips and leg muscles. Enjoy moving every part of you as our body is all interconnected.

  • 3 Things the Body Loses with Age, and How Yoga Can Get them Back! with Sherry

    Whenever I am asked to speak about the benefits of Yoga for people over 50... I'm all in! I've spoken to people in church halls, conference rooms, parking lots, health fairs and lots of places around my community. I often have people in the group that have never done Yoga before, so I have to be...

  • (30 min) First Ever Live Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    It all began on a whim to see if anyone would watch a group of Seniors do Chair Yoga if we offered it up on the internet. The rest is history as Chair Yoga Teachers trained by the Yoga Vista Academy are sharing Chair Yoga around the world! Thanks for your support!

  • Explore the Temple with Sherry & Justine! Anatomy Dissection Discussion Series

    We can't contain our excitement for sharing all the wonderous and amazing things we learned during our week long fascial dissection. We spent 5 days wth Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains and Todd Garcia,
    Director/Dissection Master of the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment in Boulder, CO.

    In ...

  • Don't Want a Knee Replacement? How and Why Yoga can Help with Sherry & Justine

    We call it "buying time" when you think you might need a knee replacement, but you are not ready. That's where Yoga comes in to help! Justine and Sherry, Certified Yoga Therapists, look at the knees of some Yoga students who have been able to delay surgical intervention.

    Join us in our Gent...

  • Busting the Myth of Aging with Somatics

    Are you growing old before your time? Can't physically do want you "used" to do? Let James Knight, Hanna Somatics Educator, show you how you can challenge your brain and your body to gain back your mobility, flexibility and your quality of life.