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Educational Lectures & Discussions

  • Explore the Temple! An Anatomy Dissection Discussion Series for Everyone

    16 videos

    In each video we will discuss a particular topic area, our ah-ha's, our awe and our personal perspectives. And don't worry... we won't show or discuss anything that is gory or gruesome (which nothing was!).

    We hope you will be amazed and intrigued to learn more about your beautiful temple!

  • Bones and Joints: A Discussion with Sherry and Justine

    8 videos

    We take you on some deep dive discussions into Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis and how Yoga can help with these conditions.

  • Tune in! Tone up! Pelvic Floor Yoga Program Series

    8 videos

    A Comprehensive Yoga Educational Program for strengthening the Pelvic Floor and Bladder Re-training. If you have experienced episodes of involuntary urination, leakage or dribbling... this information is for YOU! Learn why this happens, and most importantly, what YOU can do to improve and remedy...

  • How to Increase Your Lung Capacity and Breathe Deeper with Sherry Zak Morris

    I had the privilege of helping my 88-yr old Dad after his hip replacement surgery. I learned alot about how the body heals and what we can do to help our bodies recuperate well. In this video, I share the 1st of 4 "take-aways" that I learned being with my Dad. And it has to do with how you, and ...

  • Fascia-nating! Why We Need to Move and Groove - with Sherry Zak Morris

    Why do we get stiff and have aches and pains as we age? And can we do something about these common issues? Yes, we can! Join me on a one-hour learning adventure and find out what simple, easy and fun movements you can do every day to keep you moving, grooving and feeling more youthful in your body!

  • God Laughs at those who make Plans - Justine's Hawaii Adventure

    For those of you who live vicariously through other people's crazy life adventures, here is an update on Justine's upcoming move to the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • 3 Pearls of Wisdom for Healthy Bones and Joints with Sherry Zak Morris

    If you want to get stronger bones and joints, or if you want to keep them strong... here are 3 tips to get you ready for the Strong and Sturdy Yoga Series with me. I learned these pearls of wisdom through the School of Hard Knocks, so I hope they are useful to you.

    To view the entire 4-part S...

  • How did a 75 yr old become a Yoga Teacher with Paula Montalvo

    Paula Montalvo became a Chair Yoga Video star at 79. She shares her lifelong dedication to Yoga and why she felt she could give back to her fellow senior citizens.

  • Presentation: Yoga for Better Breathing with Sherry and Justine

    Getting out into our Neighborhood sharing the benefits of Yoga is what we as Gentle Yoga teachers are all about. Justine and Sherry were asked to present to the Better Breather's Club at our local hospital ... back my popular demand. And this time, we filmed the entire Session so more people can ...

  • 3 Things the Body Loses with Age, and How Yoga Can Get them Back! with Sherry

    Whenever I am asked to speak about the benefits of Yoga for people over 50... I'm all in! I've spoken to people in church halls, conference rooms, parking lots, health fairs and lots of places around my community. I often have people in the group that have never done Yoga before, so I have to be...