Chair Yoga

  • 1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes

    72 videos

    Are you ready to feel good and do some moving? Our one hour Chair Yoga Classes are all filmed LIVE at the Yoga studio with people just like you who want to get their bodies moving and reduce their aches and pains. Pace yourself, take a rest if you need to and enjoy the feeling of your body, mind...

  • Vintage Chair Yoga Classes (2013-2015)

    30 videos

    Despite the visual and audio quality issues, these classes contain alot of precious jewels for both Yoga Teachers and Students alike. And besides..... we all look younger in these videos, so that's cool!

  • Shorter Chair Yoga Classes (Under 1-Hr)

    40 videos

    Sometimes we just don't have the time to spend one hour for our Yoga Practice. These shorter classes get you lots of Yoga benefits in a shorter amount of time.

  • All Dancing!!! Chair Yoga Dance Classes

    9 videos

    Hour-long classes full of Chair Yoga Dances! Each class has a different song selection, so you get to enjoy so many different dances, genres of music and eras. You'll never get bored with doing Yoga after you've tried these fun All Dancing Chair Yoga classes!

  • Chair Yoga Dances (Individual Songs)

    41 videos

  • Strong Bones for Midlifers: Yoga for Osteopenia & Osteoporosis with Sherry Zak Morris

    4 videos

    If you are between the ages of 50 and 75, it's time to get serious about your bone health! In this 4-part Yoga Series, I share 15 minute short (but impactful) practices targeted at the specific places where bone density and bone strength is needed the most. Great for beginners as I demonstrate ho...

  • Tech Worker: Chair Yoga Series

    9 videos

    These videos target the areas where we store up tension and stress from hours and hours of sitting at our desks. Do one during your break time and come back refreshed and ready to tackle your work again!

  • Happy Holidays! Chair Yoga Class with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken

    Enjoy celebrating the holidays with Tatis as she shares her special style of Chair Yoga. Tatis uses creative props and movements that get your body and mind moving in synchronicity. Grab a paper plate and join in! Enjoy more of Tatis's Chair Yoga classes on https:/www.YogaVIsta.TV

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