Bones and Joints: A Discussion with Sherry and Justine

Bones and Joints: A Discussion with Sherry and Justine

We take you on some deep dive discussions into Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis and how Yoga can help with these conditions.

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Bones and Joints: A Discussion with Sherry and Justine
  • What Happens to our Joints as We Age with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

    Being with my 88-yr old Dad after his hip replacement was a very educational experience. Here's what I learned about the health, stability and degradation of our Joints as we Age. ...And what we can do to slow down the degeneration and how we can strengthen our joints once again.

    I will be po...

  • An Osteoarthritis Discussion with Yoga Therapists with Sherry & Justine

    Osteoarthritis is a common joint condition for many people over 50, but it is not limited to age. Many athletes and/or people who have had prior injuries or accidents can experience painful joint movement in the injured area. We are here to tell you that there is hope for pain relief, hope for be...

  • What Osteoarthritis REALLY looks like in the Body with Sherry & Justine

    We saw Osteoarthritis in 4 different body locations where you would expect this condition to be most prevalent. The knee, hip, shoulder and lumbar spine. But what we didn't realize is that it looks much different than any anatomical photos or graphics that we are used to seeing.

  • Don't Want a Knee Replacement? How and Why Yoga can Help with Sherry & Justine

    We call it "buying time" when you think you might need a knee replacement, but you are not ready. That's where Yoga comes in to help! Justine and Sherry, Certified Yoga Therapists, look at the knees of some Yoga students who have been able to delay surgical intervention.

    Join us in our Gent...

  • How Yoga Strengthens your Knees and Legs with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

    As we age, the connective tissue that surrounds our knees can be damaged or weakened. In this video, I take you on an anatomical tour of why Yoga helps with the strength and stability of our knees and legs. And then you will understand why we do the poses and the long holds that we do in the Str...

  • Osteoporosis can be Improved and Osteopenia can be Reversed! w/ Justine Shelton

    Have you heard the Good News? We know these statements may be hard to believe, but we have seen these improvements firsthand from the students that we work with in our Gentle and Chair Yoga classes. If you or someone you know got a jaw-dropping Dexa scan score, have faith! Bones are living tiss...

  • (25-min) Symmetrical Strength for your Structure with Justine Shelton

    Join Justine in the first of her Resilience and Restoration Series to help with Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. This class focuses on mindful movements, longer holds and strengthening squeezes to help you build and keep a strong structure.

  • (15-min) Want Strong Legs? Do this short sequence every day! with Sherry

    One year after I experienced a "weak knee" episode, I was bound and determined to get my legs Strong and Sturdy once again. Here is the sequence I have been doing every day for a year and I'm happy to report my knees feel great and I have no pain or instability! YAY for doing the work! Join me...