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(1 Hr) "Not Your Same Ole Chair Yoga Class!" Pinush gets Creative Again! with Pinush Chauhan

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes • 44m

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    Some days you just want a bit more challenge just to see what you can do. Well, today is that day! Join us for some Advanced Chair Yoga sequences that will help you feel strong and confident. Remember to use your best inner guidance as you try these movements. And keep the chair nearby!

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    Spend one hour working your body and brain and you will feel better for the rest of your day! If you have trouble with your memory, or following and repeating movement patterns.. then this class is just what you need! Remember to be light and playful, not serious and frustrated!

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    Got to keep learning and challenging our brain! I introduced a more challenging Seated Sun Salutation sequence and a fun Arms Dance in this Chair Yoga class with a group of my Seniors and they got it! Goes to show that the old dogs can surely learn some new tricks!