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Watch this video and more on

(1 Hr) Get Moving and Heal Better with Chair Yoga! Led by a Sherry Zak Morris

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes • 59m

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    If you think Chair Yoga can be hard at times, you should spend some time in a Geriatric Rehab facility where they kick your butt to get you strong so you can go home. My motto is... stay strong all the time for as long as you can. We just make getting stronger more fun in our Chair Yoga classes.

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    Dancing puts the magic in movement. So, let's get you ready to get up on that dance floor for those beautiful weddings you will be attending throughout your life. Keep dancing! Keep Moving!

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    Our hearts are our homes to our emotions of love, compassion, generosity and service. But when we give too much and don't allow ourselves the reciprocation of receiving, we can get off balance. Here's to our heart health!