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Watch this video and more on

Watch this video and more on

(1 Hr) Working on our Core, Posture & Pelvic Floor with Sherry Zak Morris

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes • 51m

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    In this class I share the results of a study on healthy aging and why dancing, movements and patterns are so important to keep our bodies and minds sharp. Join in our Chair Yoga Dance: Somewhere over the Rainbow.

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    As with all our Chair Yoga classes, we work the body from head to toe. But a little anatomy knowledge goes a long way, and in this class we explore a very important group of muscles that will keep you standing tall, strong and erect for years to come

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    I so often hear my students complain about shoulder pain and immobility. I share some alignment lessons and then we get moving in all directions. Enjoy two Chair Yoga dances to get your heart smiling and your body flowing. Dances: Listen and The River.