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(1 Hr) Moving and Dancing for Healthy Aging with Sherry Zak Morris

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes • 57m

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  • (1 Hr) Tall, Straight and Erect Chair...

    As with all our Chair Yoga classes, we work the body from head to toe. But a little anatomy knowledge goes a long way, and in this class we explore a very important group of muscles that will keep you standing tall, strong and erect for years to come

  • (1 Hr) Shoulder Health and Good Align...

    I so often hear my students complain about shoulder pain and immobility. I share some alignment lessons and then we get moving in all directions. Enjoy two Chair Yoga dances to get your heart smiling and your body flowing. Dances: Listen and The River.

  • (1 Hr) Expand the Ribs & Increase you...

    Breathing stretches the body on the inside deep within the muscle layers. Find ways to expand your body and explore the wonderful inner sensations of spaciousness and freedom. Every breath brings in life force... expand and breathe!
    Chair Yoga Dance: Happy Together