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(1 Hr) Creating Muscles that are Strong and Joints that are Fluid with Sherry Zak Morris

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes • 58m

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    Do you find your range of motion limiting when you go to reach? Tight shoulder muscles, shoulder impingement or achy shoulders can limit us in our everyday activities. Take some time to move your shoulders in all different directions and find some space and freedom once again!

  • (1 Hr) Flowing Fluidly To Reduce Pain...

    Some people like to stretch, and some people don't. But, stretching is actually a great way to reduce pain. Pain binds and tightens... breathing and stretching loosens and relaxes. That is the simple magic of Yoga! Join us for a fun Chair Yoga and Dance Class at Yoga Vista!

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    No matter what age we are, there's always little things we can do to make ourselves feel better. A good reach and a stretch lengthens our spine, a few twists help our digestion and of course some brain switching patterns keeps our minds sharp.