1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes

1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes

Are you ready to feel good and do some moving? Our one hour Chair Yoga Classes are all filmed LIVE at the Yoga studio with people just like you who want to get their bodies moving and reduce their aches and pains. Pace yourself, take a rest if you need to and enjoy the feeling of your body, mind and spirit united in JOY!

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1-Hr Chair Yoga Classes
  • (1 Hr) Sharing the Love and Knowledge Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    This class was filmed the week of Thanksgiving where we shared alot of love and gratitude. Along with three dances, lots of thanks and love-giving, we got down to business and talked about Pelvic Floor Health. And how we can improve it by engaging the "inner lift".


  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga with Sound Healing Svasana with Sherry Zak Morris/Bob Grimmick

    What a special treat we had during our Monday Chair Yoga Class. Along with our moving, dancing and smiling, we had a guest Teacher during Svasana. Bob Grimmick is a highly trained Sound Healing teacher and he brought his collection of sound instruments to give us a blissful and restful Svasana. ...

  • (1 Hr) Get the Glow Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    One of my male students told me after the class that he got the "glow". Which means we all got a little sweaty because we moved alot.. and had alot of fun together! I did a pan around the room so that you can see how much Chair Yoga is loved in Vista, California!

    Dances: Stayin Alive, Celebrity...

  • (1 Hr) Friday the 13th Full Moon Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    Something magical always seems to happen on the Full Moon. Combine that with Friday the 13th, and here we go! We had lots of summer vacationers come back to join in our class so it was a happy homecoming type of vibe.

    Have some fun with us moving and laughing while getting in our exercise time...

  • (1 Hr) Lymph, Laughter and Lots of Moving Chair Yoga Class with Sherry

    This class was filmed in late winter when the weather starts to change, so I added in some lymph work to get our immune systems healthy. As with all classes, there are alot of head to toe movement sequences to keep our engines running great.
    Dances: Sway, Locomotion and the River

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class from Ireland with Saffron Murray

    Bringing Yoga into our Every Day Lives with Saffron! Get ready for some new, fun and creative sequences with Saffron. This was Saffron's final Teachback class and she did an amazing job weaving together familiar movements from the training program with lots of her own! I know you will enjoy her ...

  • (1 Hr) Body Strengthening Seated and Standing Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    Inspired by an article on how our grip strength correlates to the strength of our being... I decided to power up this class so we can feel the strength in our muscles, bones and spirit! Stay to the end when I reveal the Grip Measurement Stats of the students in this class!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class: Sailing our Vessel down the River with Sherry

    Over the past few years, we have been ending every Chair Yoga Class with "The River" Chair Yoga Dance. It has become our Anthem for Aging.... if you listen to the words, you will understand why. Thanks for joining in for the fun!

  • (1 Hr) Sunshine and Happiness the Doris Day Way - Chair Yoga with Sherry

    Justine joined us in this class while visiting from Hawaii, so we had to add in a few of her signature sequences like Bend and Salute and... a Polka. We did some great balancing and hip strengthening segments, as well as lots of shoulder openers. Enjoy!

  • (1 Hr) Head to Toe Joint Flow - Chair Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris

    This class was filmed around Thanksgiving time, so we pause for some gratitude and stillness.... but we still sneak in 2 dances, some great balances, and some low back stretches!
    Dances: Can't Stop the Feeling and The River

  • (1 Hr) Celebrating our Wondrous Bodies with Sherry Zak Morris

    I share some tidbits from the Dissection experience, but mostly we focused on celebrating being together again as the "Village People" in our little corner Yoga studio. I discuss some "inside the body" things.. but make sure you check out the full Exploring the Temple Series for more indepth info...

  • (1 Hr) Get a Yoga Body! Chair Yoga with Integrated Movements with Sherry

    This class incorporates the full body, head to toe... but I focus on the benefit of doing integrative movements vs. just isolating a certain part of your body over and over again. Both are beneficial for different reasons. For the best structural support and fluidity.... full body integration is ...

  • (1 Hr) Lower Body Love - Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris

    Enjoy dancing to Aretha's "Respect" while we bring circulation into our lower limbs. We work on dexterity, memory, balance and coordination and dance to 3 different songs. Come have fun with us!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class to Combat Congestion through Movement with Sherry

    Dis-ease is when the body is not sync with its innate functionality. Find out why this ONE disease is the culprit to our maladies and why Yoga is one of the key places to look for help.

  • (1 Hr) Get Moving and Heal Better with Chair Yoga! Led by a Sherry Zak Morris

    The magic elixir for healing faster and better is circulation. When things move, energy flows. Whether you are healing from an injury or a broken spirit, this class will bring a smile to your face if you let it! And watch the end for a very special celebration!

  • (1 Hr) Let it be Hard Cuz hard Work Pays off with Sherry Zak Morris

    If you think Chair Yoga can be hard at times, you should spend some time in a Geriatric Rehab facility where they kick your butt to get you strong so you can go home. My motto is... stay strong all the time for as long as you can. We just make getting stronger more fun in our Chair Yoga classes.

  • (1 Hr) Let's Keep you Dancing at Weddings! with Sherry Zak Morris

    Dancing puts the magic in movement. So, let's get you ready to get up on that dance floor for those beautiful weddings you will be attending throughout your life. Keep dancing! Keep Moving!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga for Heart Health with Sherry Zak Morris

    Our hearts are our homes to our emotions of love, compassion, generosity and service. But when we give too much and don't allow ourselves the reciprocation of receiving, we can get off balance. Here's to our heart health!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Fusion Class with Sharon Cavanagh

    Sharon is a graduate of the Yoga Vista Academy's Chair Yoga Teacher training program and she did an amazing job on her final teachback class. She brings in her passion for Iyengar Yoga and incorporates its theories into her Chair Yoga class. Enjoy!

  • (1 Hr) Holding Tea Lights - Meditative Chair Yoga Flow with Pinush Chauhan

    Grab a pair of tea lights and join Pinush, Chair Yoga Teacher, who created this meditative flow for the upper body. Working both your mind and your body, you'll find these sequences playful yet challenging.

  • (1 Hr) "Picking up the Pace" Chair Yoga Class with Kathryn Geib

    Kathryn shares her love and passion for Chair Yoga in her Orlando, Florida community. She is a graduate of our Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Training Program and we are proud and honored to share her work with the world! Enjoy!

  • (1 Hr) Shoulder Health, Dancing and More! Energizing Chair Yoga Class with Sherry

    This class has some new movements that focus on shoulder movements as I find that many of my 50+ers have rotator cuff issues and tight shoulders. Finding fluidity and strength in the shoulders is important for each of us to find internally for ourselves. Trust your body's wisdom with any Yoga mo...

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class Fun-Time Medley with Kathryn Geib

    In a roomful of seniors, Kathryn leads this invigorating and fun class to brighten your spirit! You can't help feeling the fun and the challenge with Kathryn at the helm! Get moving!

  • (1 Hr) Chair Yoga Class LIVE! at the Yoga Underground in New York! with Lynda Sandoval

    Enjoy one hour of fun, play, movement and community in this very special Chair Yoga class taught by recent Academy-certified Chair Yoga Teacher ...Lynda Sandoval. Lynda is the owner of the Yoga Underground in Dunkirk, New York. Great work Lynda!